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Squid security controls

Control : SQD-3602

Lynis tests if Squid is running

Control : SQD-3604

This test determines where Squid has its configuration stored.

Control : SQD-3606

This test determines what version of Squid is available on the system.

Control : SQD-3610


Control : SQD-3613

The configuration permissions of the Squid configuration file should be as strict as possible. By default it may be world readable, or worse.

Control : SQD-3614

Lynis retrieves the authentication methods that are configured within Squid. If none are found, the proxy may allow access from untrusted or unknown users.

Control : SQD-3630

Limit the upper size of replies within the Squid proxy configuration. This helps to protect resource exhaustion within Squid and thwart malicious attempts.

Control : SQD-3680

This Lynis test determines if Squid may reveal its version